Saturday, May 17, 2008

Egypt III

I hate the bakshish business. People asking for tips for anything and everything (its rude) - arrrrrrrrgh.

The roads are good, but the drivers.... I actually saw traffic lights that were working - but only on my last day. Most places don't have any.

I enjoyed visiting the Giza Pyramids (being a Stargate fan) though there's a lot of littering within there.

For Kenya, I think with modern roads, and good local and international internet connectivity, there's loads of business opportunities out there - and not just the usual BPO business.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Egypt II

Looks like its not just Egypt with 'interesting' drivers. Look at this Business Daily story on Dubai.

Yesterday we nearly hit some dude standing in the middle of a THREE WAY highway with vehicles whizzing past at 100+ Kph. I have not seen traffic lights (I wonder if they would be followed anyway) anywhere yet.

Monday, May 12, 2008


The driving can be freaky. I thought Kenyan driving was crazy, but this is overboard. I think I could count the number of cars using indicators. If you have ever played the likes of Lotus II (that old classic) and WRC on Play Station, you might not be out of place driving in Cairo. It can be chaotic.
That's what do u get when you get relatively good and expansive roads and drivers interested in giving Lewis Hamilton a run for his money, combined with a disregard for speed limits.

The weather - hot as expected.

What interests me is even with mostly desert, there's lots of modern buildings, industry all over. Makes me wonder why we shouldn't be having these in Kenya, with all the natural beauty and great weather we have.