Monday, March 31, 2008

Update: OOXML ISO Vote

The OOXML standard looks to have been passed with a slim majority in favour.

Funny thing: A certain Microsoft evangelist, made a call out of the blue on Saturday to a friend of mine waiting to see if I had blogged about this outcome (incidentally, I had posted this entry earlier in the day). This is before the official announcement of the results. Anyhow I shall reserve my comments on this. Sounds like gloating to me though.

At the end of the day the issues remain the same for me concerning Document Standards:

Vendor Independent (be it Microsoft or IBM)
Truly Open
Independent of Operating System

We now have two standards globally with the ODF and OOXML.

What I would hate to see happen is the Kenyan Government, in their quest to develop proper ICT policies for the country, being coerced to support a particular vendor.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Kenyan abstains from voting on OOXML Standard

Kenya changed its vote from Yes to Abstain.

The initial vote back in September 2007 on whether or not to fast track was a YES.

I had blogged about it here (with lots of responses from the pro-OOXML side of things).

Lets wait see how the final tally comes out.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Personal Development - Task Lists and TV

I recently began to slowly apply some of the basic things I've been listening to and reading from the likes of Jim Rohn, Dennis Waitley and Brian Tracy.

One of this is getting stuff done. Meeting goals and targets.

Its elementary really: since a good number of people go into shopping centres and markets with a shopping list.

Jim Rohn says something to the effect that you should 'finish' the day before you even start it. Meaning you have a plan of what you want to achieve through that day. Then once you have that you plan your week, the week before, the month etc. Then of course do the daily, weekly and monthly, and yearly reviews.

I don't think I am perfect in this - considering how long writing this post has been on my task list. But the key thing is that it got done. I guess with time (hopefully very soon) I shall become much more disciplined.

It's helped out a lot lately though since I get more stuff done in a day.

How much does your TV cost you?

One other thing that I have found rather easy to do is limit my hours in front of the TV. Dennis Waitley calls 7pm - 11pm prime time. When a good number of us spend watching other guys making their money when we could be learning a new skill, finding out about a new culture by interacting with people, or simply reinforcing our vocabulary with a good book.

I must confess though that I wouldn't miss a game featuring Arsenal, unless it clashed with my music or bible study. I however hardly spend more than four hours a week in front of the TV. Sounds boring but in fact its not.

So the TV could be costing much more than the ~20000 KShs it costs to purchase.

Monday, March 10, 2008

Msafara Wheels of Hope - in Nairobi today

In as much as there has been a political breakthrough, there's lots of stuff that still needs addressing - one of which is spiritual.

Check out the blog for more info.

An extract from the Msafara Blog:

'' I spoke from the life of Daniel & his friends, who lived in the midst of a tense political situation, and yet never compromised. 6 traits in them that I called the “6 pillars of Leadership Integrity”. First was their intentional commitment to walk together (accountability) (1:6); second was their access to a different source of wisdom (God) 2:17 - 19; third was their non-negotiable values (3:17, 18), fourth was their/Daniel’s commitment to tell the truth even at the risk of his life (4:19); fifth was his refusal to accept incentives in the administration of his calling (5:17); and finally was his untainted honesty & integrity (6:5). ''

I wonder if I'd be able to maintain these pillars given Daniel's situation.

The msafara convoy is in Nairobi with prayers from 5.30 pm at the KICC.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

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