Thursday, May 31, 2007

ITunes: Free Educational Stuff on ITunes Store

It's probably not too new to everyone but I did not know about it until this morning. Lots of podcasts available from institutions like MIT (MIT OpenCourseWare), University of Carlifornia Berkeley.

Visit the iTunes store (using iTunes of course :) ) and look for the iTunes U link.

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Entrepreneurship in ICT - talk by Richard Bell CEO Wananchi - Held on 25th May 2007

He started by giving a brief history of his time in Africa, starting with his stint at the Royal Marines, to a Security Consultant in the Sudan and Somalia, before settling in Kenya doing some import and export business.

While involved in business, he realised that while using the KENPAC service for sending and receiving faxes, he was spending quite a bit of cash on international faxes. This was around 1992 and Telkom used to charge $3.50 to send a fax to the US.

While in the US, Richard arranged to meet the owner of Swift Global who were able to arrange a fax service between Kenya and US. After buying equipment at a highly inflated rate :), and importing it to Kenya, he set up a service that allowed him to offer fax services internationally from $1.50.

Needless to say, getting customers was not an issue, and lots of money was made (and spent) in the process, as he was getting charged $0.10 to terminate the fax connection in the US from Kenya.

After that, he opened a Uganda office was opened, lots of money was made (and spent).

Swift became a fully fledged ISP later on. Richard the went on to start KDN.

After selling KDN, he later joined London Business School as a Sloan fellow.

He formed East African Capital Partners, a venture fund and acquired 30% of Africa Lakes (which owned Africa Online) a LSE listed company, and after a takeover battle with Telkom SA for the rest of the company, sold the 30% stake at a premium early this year.

Several lessons were learned, not really about technology but things like the importance of having a knowledge of Accounts, Economics, People, Consumers, Employees. It is important to have knowledge of these areas among others for a startup to succeed.

In ICT, it is important to get a job that will provide real hands on experience. For the first 2-3 years, experience not money is the most important thing.

Learning does not stop after college or campus. In business, taking courses in Economics, Finance Accounting can make the difference between being successful or not. ICT after all is a tool.

It is important not to get 'stuck in rut', but remain passionate, enthusiastic and keep looking for opportunities, put 150%+ in everything.

Several Questions were raised.
Concerning the 'first job' - what should one be looking for?
One that allows hands on use of equipment (not necessarily being hardware). Interact with those with experience. Fix stuff that does not work. Learning takes place when stuff does not work and one has to fix it.

What skill set should one concentrate on developing? Technology vs (e.g) Finance?
This depends on the individual. It is important to work on stuff that you are not normally good at. One never gets good at everything. When developing your business, have people that have skills that you don't so that they complement you.

How does one attract the first customers.

90% of new businesses fail. The business value proposition should be a 'no-brainer' - e.g. offering fax services for $1.50 vs current rate of $3.50.

Where are the opportunities in ICT?

Content - the question is - what do Kenyans want to do on the Internet.
Kenyans are a naturally enterprising lot. (He said that virtually everyone he has employed had a side job, where they worked at over the weekend.. :) )

To drive the creation of local content. Wananchi will be setting up a sort of incubator where people (especially students) with product ideas will be allocated server space, and can be able to come when available. They will get plenty of local bandwidth (and a little international bandwidth) - all this for free (until up to 3 years - based on their business ideas).

How does one get Venture Capital?
Three things
- The investor does not believe your projections, he just wants to know whether you know what you are talking about.
- the 'YOU' factor
- Commitment - demonstrate your commitment.. how hard has one tried to get funding - if you have a rich father and haven't tried him yet, one probably won't get funding.

Has the problem of Reverse Subsidies been solved?

Thanks to the support Ministry of Information team of PS Bitange Ndemo and Minister Mutahi Kagwe, at least 2 international fiber optic cables will be landing at Mombasa next year. Reverse Subsidies will become less of a problem.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Why the 9 to 5 Office Worker Will Become a Thing of the Past

Why the 9 to 5 Office Worker Will Become a Thing of the Past

Very interesting read here.

I had talked about something similar a while ago ..

Wednesday, May 23, 2007

ICT Entreprenuership Talk

After an early career in the Royal Marines Richard Bell started Swift Global in Nairobi in 1994. He subsequntly started Kenya Data Networks (KDN) in 2002 before selling both and going to the London Business School as a Sloan Fellow at the end of 2004. in 2006 he formed East
Africa Capital Partners (EACP) a venture capital firm investing in technology companies. Their first transaction was the acquisition and subsequent sale of Africa Online and three weeks ago they concluded a multi billion shilling investment into Wananchi Online to transform it into a pan african broadband infrastructure operator. He was founding chairman of TESPOK, founding chairman of the Kenya Internet Exchange (KIXP) and founding chairman of the Kenya Network
Information Center (KENIC).

He will be at (E001 Lecture Theater, School of Engineering, University of Nairobi) from about 3.00 pm (His presentation starts at 4pm - no late comers) on Friday 25 May to give a talk about his life as an ICT Entrepreneur in Kenya, his advice to the next generation of entrepreneurs, and, his thoughts on where the
opportunities are over the next ten years in Kenya.

Afterwards, he will be available for chat at Blu Corner in Nakumatt Lifestyle.

This is especially targeting University, College students.

Kaka, Christ, Soccer

I have been thoroughly challenged by the testimony of Kaka (Ricardo Izecson dos Santos Leite)

Even before reading his rather detailed profile online (check the link above) and this story from The Sun, watching him play and his reaction and interaction with other players, makes him stand out as an example of how a Christian should live his/her life.

That's another angle to look at this evening's Champions League Final between Liverpool and AC Milan.

Soon: Premiership Soccer, 16 channels of TV @ about KSHS 2500

The Guardian reports that

GTV, a new UK-based television company, is planning to capitalise on the huge popularity in Africa of teams such as Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal when it launches its new "affordable" pay television package next month. For about $35 (£17) a month, subscribers will receive 16 channels, including a dedicated football channel showing eight Premiership games and six Italian Serie A games every weekend.

and that

Initially, GTV will launch in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, before expanding into west African countries such as Namibia, Angola and Ghana, and eventually the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, excluding South Africa and Nigeria.

I have always wondered why I should pay 70 USD for DSTVs service and why they have always priced it so high. I suspect I shall be one of the first subscribers to GTV's service once they roll out in June - Just in time for next season :)

More links are here:

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Zina Album Launch

Zina's Concert was absolutely awesome. Despite some hitches with power at Kenya National Theatre (Imagine there's no backup power source!), the concert went on with two shows on Sunday afternoon.

I went for the second show which started at about 5.30 pm. In late 2002 with Mission Driven, we had done a concert at KNT and had some power problems, so I was praying that they would not have the same problems that we encountered back them.

Started with National Anthem with Webi leading it with a guitar. (I loved it, being a guitar addict). Israel led some praise and worship songs, and the show got started.

Backed by a live band, Zina did all but 3 of the songs from their album Changed. I personally love live music. There's some element of a live performance that cannot be reproduced when a song done backed by a track.

Zina comprises of Salome, Priscah, Sheila and Milka. They have somehow managed to juggle time between their various studies, and working on this album and this concert. Their CD is out and is a must have, for me at least. should have more pictures soon.
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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Soccer Weekend :)

I knew I would not be able to keep away from the the soccer field for more than, 1 year? :) So today some friends and I decided that we would first go have some fun playing soccer.

If there is anything in soccer that is better than watching a good game, it is playing it :).

Having rained about two days ago, the pitch was quite muddy, but it was fun all the same. I am glad that I have sustained a 4+ days a week jogging schedule otherwise I would have struggled.


Drogba's FA Cup winning goal typified his season. I wonder what Chelsea would do without his verve and perseverance. We only got to watch a little of the second half and extra time.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

ICT Debate: Kenya presidential aspirants debate to stream online

Today (Wednesday 16th May) at 1400hrs EAT

live debate stream on

Follow via blog -

The debate is calculated to ensure that ICT issues are put on the
pedestal during the campaign period and in the process hold the future
leaders accountable given the commitments they will give that day.

More details here.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Zina Album Launch - Changed

Kenya National Theatre
Sunday 20th May 2007

2 Shows:
1330 to 1530
1630 to 1830

I intend to be there :)

More info on Mwafrika