Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why I don't watch news

Might make you want to yell at the top of your voice.

Warning this is a rant...

I simply can't stand their antics - I know people who work nearly 8o hours a week, pay taxes on their hard earned taxes..

Up to 30% of this money goes to the government. MPs draw their salaries and obscene allowances from this cash.

Now which fair 'employer - employee' deal would allow such a state of affairs..

If they have large loans and debts to service, they should jipanga - they are not the only ones in Kenya who service loans and debts - it's just that the rest of us actually PAY TAX while servicing our loans and debts.

Mind you, there are still IDPs from early this year and before, a global recession, but no - tumbo kwanza.

Wouldn't this be classified as impunity?


Trust politicians to pretend that they 'don't set their salaries' - who effectively set their salaries last time...?

i don't plan to resume watching news - boring, boring same old stuff: politics. Maybe if media outlets focussed less on politicians, they might just realize that they are not as 'honorable' as they think they are.

Monday, November 10, 2008

The (unforgiving?) job cycle

(Apologies for the apparent incoherence exhibited in some portions below...)

1.New Job ->
2.Excitement at new job with new colleagues and new tea mugs and new toys / pcs .......
3. routine sets in
4. fatigue
5. The questions start: 'have i nothing better to do'
6. Start look for new job (while oscillating between 3-6)
7. Start new job
.. ad infinitum..

Stage No 3 & 4, one suspects, most covers working people.....

At some point, this cycle WILL be broken. A date for potentially breaking this cycle had been pencilled towards the end of this month... But there are many factors/people to consider..... but research must go on.

so school anyone?
Which stage are you at?

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Obama Mania

A public holiday, OK, that's pushing it really.

In the US, the election day was not even a public holiday, yet in Kenya, Thursday Nov 6 has been declared a public holiday. Bana, I know quite a few people in the diaspora who are feeling somewhat embarrassed because of that.

A lost opportunity for more commerce to take place, wealth to be created. (except for the local pubs where the frothy stuff will be in full flow).

One of the reasons the US is such a powerful economy is because of work ethic. A good number of public holidays celebrated in Kenya are ordinary working days in the US.

This vision 2030 business requires more working hard and smart, less bumming celebrating. If you must celebrate.. celebrate and work at the same time.


There are still IDPs in camps by the way.

There's still the Waki and Kriegler reports that cannot be wished away.

There are still HUGE GAPING POTHOLES on a good number of our roads.

Poverty is still a major issue

Change? In Kenya? Nah? Just business as usual - with the usual over-indulgence of all things political. Boring!