Monday, November 10, 2008

The (unforgiving?) job cycle

(Apologies for the apparent incoherence exhibited in some portions below...)

1.New Job ->
2.Excitement at new job with new colleagues and new tea mugs and new toys / pcs .......
3. routine sets in
4. fatigue
5. The questions start: 'have i nothing better to do'
6. Start look for new job (while oscillating between 3-6)
7. Start new job
.. ad infinitum..

Stage No 3 & 4, one suspects, most covers working people.....

At some point, this cycle WILL be broken. A date for potentially breaking this cycle had been pencilled towards the end of this month... But there are many factors/people to consider..... but research must go on.

so school anyone?
Which stage are you at?

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Muthoni said...

Looking for that first new exciting job......