Monday, October 30, 2006

Nairobi Marathon anyone? II

The Nairobi Marathon 10km seemed to have everyone in Nairobi and Beyond running in it. I didn't realize that the race had began until like 2 minutes afterwards as I was at the rear end of the crowd. Anyway... walked the first half KM since there were far too many people at the start.

I had had set myself a target of 45 minutes for the 10km race. I managed 47 minutes 22 seconds which was not too bad considering my troublesome shoelaces and the number of people on the track.

I think I will attempt 21 km after all. Maybe for the Lewa Marathon and for the next Nairobi Marathon.

Oh and my jogging resumes Wednesday.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

CFA.. ideas anyone?

I'm considering working on improving my finance skills now that i've been in IT and telecoms for a while and have always been interested in finance, just that i'm also hooked to IT :). I'm calling it a shift in focus from a merely technical approach in business to a broader perspective.

I'm considering being a CFA one day. However, I am more interested in the contents, the material knowledge etc. The exam itself is something i can work on later, maybe after 2-3 years.

I know strathmore have a CFA course.

Any ideas from anyone on how to proceed?

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Nairobi Marathon anyone?

I finally got round to registering for the marathon and collected my runners pack yesterday. I am doing the 10km race coz I asked myself a very simple question.. what will I be doing while running 21 or 42 km ... the mind needs to be occupied somewhat and I don't have my iPOD nano yet :(

I'm aiming for an ambitious target of 45 minutes.. The race organizers say that anyone who finishes under 1hr15 minutes will get a finishers medal.

Hopefully my jogging continues after the marathon.. :) that's the real challenge. Though I've more or less been consistent in jogging for quite a while now.

Now is to start working out - anyone with an idea of what gym to attend in Nairobi Kilimani, Ngummo, Town area that doesn't costs an arm, 2 fingers and a leg?

IAAF Athlete of the Year


Preferably for the only Kenyan :)

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Friday, October 20, 2006

Message in a bottle - Star Trek

Send yourself a message and receive it in the future. Reminds me of Star Trek Voyager's - Message in a bottle

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Vision 2030

I skimmed through yesterdays Daily Nation's story highlighting what will be contained in the soon-to-be-launched strategy document. It's to be officially launched by Kibaki on October 26th.

My fear is that this document will be used by the Narc(-K) as a campaign platform for the next General Elections. If it does.. I've a feeling it will go the way of the previous plans and strategies that lacked implementation. I just hope that they don't do this...

I'm one of those guys with no political allegiencies.. I only support good policies.. I believe that we will only move to the 'next level', get industrialized, achieve some(all?) of the goals highlighted in Vision 2030 if we make such strategies independent of people and politics. Systems and structures that work, that just need people to implement them .. and some 'fail safes' that prevent them from being abused and misused.

Talking of Vision 2030, I hope this document will be made available to everyone, and has some milestones that can be used when evaluating our performance with time. Someone sambaza that when possible..

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


my sports quote of the week....

'We like Arsenal because they play nice football'

more here


Meanwhile seems that Kenyan soccer woes are international news. I came across this story on

Apparently guys want Kenya banned from international competitions thanks to the power plays corruption etc.. that has bedevilled the kenyan soccer scene..


And I'm now looking forward to resuming my study of teams and how they can be compared to the running of a business even as I look forward to watching my first English Premier League game this season, after coming back home.. :)