Saturday, October 14, 2006

Vision 2030

I skimmed through yesterdays Daily Nation's story highlighting what will be contained in the soon-to-be-launched strategy document. It's to be officially launched by Kibaki on October 26th.

My fear is that this document will be used by the Narc(-K) as a campaign platform for the next General Elections. If it does.. I've a feeling it will go the way of the previous plans and strategies that lacked implementation. I just hope that they don't do this...

I'm one of those guys with no political allegiencies.. I only support good policies.. I believe that we will only move to the 'next level', get industrialized, achieve some(all?) of the goals highlighted in Vision 2030 if we make such strategies independent of people and politics. Systems and structures that work, that just need people to implement them .. and some 'fail safes' that prevent them from being abused and misused.

Talking of Vision 2030, I hope this document will be made available to everyone, and has some milestones that can be used when evaluating our performance with time. Someone sambaza that when possible..


69/\/\ said...

I hope the document will be made publicly available too at the very least on a website.

Si if you get your hands on it you'll give us a heads up and I'll most definitely do the same.

The Alpha Quadrant said...

If i get it anywhere i'll at least post a link to it..

Anonymous said...

Hey does someone have an idea where i can get the whole 2030 document. I cant seem to find it in the ministry of planning site.