Monday, August 11, 2008

Beijing Olympics 2008 (argh the timing!!!!)

I'm looking forward to tomorrow when Jason Dunford will be participating in the heats for the 100m freestyle (18:33 Beijing time or 13:33 Kenyan time), though with USA's Phelps being on a gold medal + world record-breaking spree, it might be better to wait for Thursday's 100m butterfly heats (19:54 Beijing time or 14:54 Kenyan time) where Jason is the Africa champion.
Times for the 100m Butterfly:

Jason's Qualifying: 51.85
World Record: 50.40
2008 best times: Phelps @ 50.89

David Dunford is doing 50m freestyle. (I can't find his entry on the official website for 100m freestyle). Lets hope he also can pull a few surprises... on Thursday (18:33 Beijing time, 13:33 Kenyan time).

Meanwhile, athletics starts on Friday.

Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Number 8

The last lap is usually the most strenuous in long distance running.

Less than one week to go and yesterday we did a full run through of the whole program without too many breaks..

I must say I'm looking forward to this. Number 8 is one of the most gifted poets, spoken word artists, hiphop MC, yet one of the most down to earth people.

Hopefully we should be seeing some of his poetry online, especially after the 8th.

Number8 says:

"I go by the stage name Number8. This is because I appreciate the fact that it is humanly impossible to be perfect, (perfection being symbolized by the number 7), so I’m chasing after perfection like number 8. This is not to say that I’m greater than God (Perfection), but rather implying that IF ever I am to become perfect, I must decrease (John 3:30 “…I must decrease”)."

More on Number 8 here.