Wednesday, October 31, 2007


The Race
Just about recovered from running 21 km in just over 2 hours in the Standard Chartered Nairobi Marathon

I decided that I shall upgrade from the 10km race which I did last year in a not too bad time (but do I say :) )

I had not done as much training this year due to a variety of reasons but felt reasonable confident that I could manage it in a good time. They say that in a marathon, your legs give way before your lungs :), and sure enough after 13 kilometres, I had to pace down (and take the occasional walk) so as not to hurt myself too much. I finished though. Having some music and Joel Osteen's audio podcast helped a lot since I had something keeping my mind busy.

Some lessons for me
Its a bit like the Christian walk - you may finish first or last ... but just finish. You need to keep drinking water on the way to cool down, and more importantly, to ensure that you do not get dehydrated. Constant spiritual renewal keeps you on the narrow path that is the Christian walk.

There is the 'feel-good' factor that you actually started and finished a 21km race. I did it in 2 hrs 10 minutes and I know I could have done it in less than 2 hrs if my legs did not give way. But it was my first attempt at 21 km.

If you start something finish it. I guess I could have deviated to south B during the race, go pay a visit to a few friends (though they probably would not let me past the door in my attire). Finishing the race is most important thing to do when you have started something that you value.

Next Year
Next year I think I'll be much more prepared. Maybe a 1 hr 30 min - 45 min time to aim for.
But no 42 km for me. That's way too long.... Meanwhile I am looking for a Mt Kenya plot for next year as the next challenge.

Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Large capped/Unlimited Internet Access for Locally hosted Content

It is surprising that a good number of Internet Service Providers actually limit bandwidth to locally hosted websites (a purist definition of local content). The trend is to cap bandwidth to the specific service package signed up for irrespective of whether traffic is local or international.

ISPs could potentially save international bandwidth costs by aggressively promoting creation of local content, hosted locally.  With a critical mass of locally hosted websites, they would be able save costs by encouraging their clientele to use local (locally hosted) websites which would typically be less costly to access.

This of course requires quality and affordable hosting services locally that are comparable to those offered abroad. Among the main reasons cited by people seeking hosting services include
  • self service capabilities
  • high availability
  • (and of course) cost
Question is whether ISPs will step up.

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