Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Nairobi Marathon anyone?

I finally got round to registering for the marathon and collected my runners pack yesterday. I am doing the 10km race coz I asked myself a very simple question.. what will I be doing while running 21 or 42 km ... the mind needs to be occupied somewhat and I don't have my iPOD nano yet :(

I'm aiming for an ambitious target of 45 minutes.. The race organizers say that anyone who finishes under 1hr15 minutes will get a finishers medal.

Hopefully my jogging continues after the marathon.. :) that's the real challenge. Though I've more or less been consistent in jogging for quite a while now.

Now is to start working out - anyone with an idea of what gym to attend in Nairobi Kilimani, Ngummo, Town area that doesn't costs an arm, 2 fingers and a leg?


Shiroh said...

I am going to miss this marathon. But all the best.

680 is a cheap gym

Anonymous said...

i tried that last year... its a complete waste of good fat... just walk, like i will be.

bankelele said...

good luck, but it seems you're starting your work out rather late

The Alpha Quadrant said...

i actually jog quite regularly.. not usually 10km so i don't expect too much trouble. Hope i hack my target.

CKee said...

Running the Lewa marathon this year? Looking for quorum... CKee

Josiah said...

I think I'm doing LEWA. Didn't do last year. I hope I'll be around.