Monday, October 30, 2006

Nairobi Marathon anyone? II

The Nairobi Marathon 10km seemed to have everyone in Nairobi and Beyond running in it. I didn't realize that the race had began until like 2 minutes afterwards as I was at the rear end of the crowd. Anyway... walked the first half KM since there were far too many people at the start.

I had had set myself a target of 45 minutes for the 10km race. I managed 47 minutes 22 seconds which was not too bad considering my troublesome shoelaces and the number of people on the track.

I think I will attempt 21 km after all. Maybe for the Lewa Marathon and for the next Nairobi Marathon.

Oh and my jogging resumes Wednesday.


HASH said...

10k is long for me these days. I just ran a 5k this weekend and about died. :)

It's cool to see this Marathon happening in Nairobi though, and you did really well in it too, good job!

CKee said...

Running Lewa?

Josiah said...

I think I'm doing LEWA. Didn't do last year. I hope I'll be around.