Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Why I don't watch news

Might make you want to yell at the top of your voice.

Warning this is a rant...

I simply can't stand their antics - I know people who work nearly 8o hours a week, pay taxes on their hard earned taxes..

Up to 30% of this money goes to the government. MPs draw their salaries and obscene allowances from this cash.

Now which fair 'employer - employee' deal would allow such a state of affairs..

If they have large loans and debts to service, they should jipanga - they are not the only ones in Kenya who service loans and debts - it's just that the rest of us actually PAY TAX while servicing our loans and debts.

Mind you, there are still IDPs from early this year and before, a global recession, but no - tumbo kwanza.

Wouldn't this be classified as impunity?


Trust politicians to pretend that they 'don't set their salaries' - who effectively set their salaries last time...?

i don't plan to resume watching news - boring, boring same old stuff: politics. Maybe if media outlets focussed less on politicians, they might just realize that they are not as 'honorable' as they think they are.

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