Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Soon: Premiership Soccer, 16 channels of TV @ about KSHS 2500

The Guardian reports that

GTV, a new UK-based television company, is planning to capitalise on the huge popularity in Africa of teams such as Manchester United, Chelsea and Arsenal when it launches its new "affordable" pay television package next month. For about $35 (£17) a month, subscribers will receive 16 channels, including a dedicated football channel showing eight Premiership games and six Italian Serie A games every weekend.

and that

Initially, GTV will launch in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania, before expanding into west African countries such as Namibia, Angola and Ghana, and eventually the rest of sub-Saharan Africa, excluding South Africa and Nigeria.

I have always wondered why I should pay 70 USD for DSTVs service and why they have always priced it so high. I suspect I shall be one of the first subscribers to GTV's service once they roll out in June - Just in time for next season :)

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Anonymous said...

If they are going to charge more than
shs 1000 very few people will subscribe as dstv is shs 1800

Josiah said...

DSTV's 1800 package does not include the soccer, which is what a majority of pay TV subscribers are looking for. It currently costs about KES 5000 (~69 USD)
GTV say they will provide a 35 USD package (or thereabouts) that includes soccer.
A good number of people I know of are waiting eagerly for July to sign up.