Sunday, May 20, 2007

Zina Album Launch

Zina's Concert was absolutely awesome. Despite some hitches with power at Kenya National Theatre (Imagine there's no backup power source!), the concert went on with two shows on Sunday afternoon.

I went for the second show which started at about 5.30 pm. In late 2002 with Mission Driven, we had done a concert at KNT and had some power problems, so I was praying that they would not have the same problems that we encountered back them.

Started with National Anthem with Webi leading it with a guitar. (I loved it, being a guitar addict). Israel led some praise and worship songs, and the show got started.

Backed by a live band, Zina did all but 3 of the songs from their album Changed. I personally love live music. There's some element of a live performance that cannot be reproduced when a song done backed by a track.

Zina comprises of Salome, Priscah, Sheila and Milka. They have somehow managed to juggle time between their various studies, and working on this album and this concert. Their CD is out and is a must have, for me at least. should have more pictures soon.
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peppina said...

I was at this great launch. From back in the day when these upstanding yuong women began singing, we were there cheering them on. I am particularly familiar with Salome, God bless Zinna. Thanks for putting this out there.