Monday, March 31, 2008

Update: OOXML ISO Vote

The OOXML standard looks to have been passed with a slim majority in favour.

Funny thing: A certain Microsoft evangelist, made a call out of the blue on Saturday to a friend of mine waiting to see if I had blogged about this outcome (incidentally, I had posted this entry earlier in the day). This is before the official announcement of the results. Anyhow I shall reserve my comments on this. Sounds like gloating to me though.

At the end of the day the issues remain the same for me concerning Document Standards:

Vendor Independent (be it Microsoft or IBM)
Truly Open
Independent of Operating System

We now have two standards globally with the ODF and OOXML.

What I would hate to see happen is the Kenyan Government, in their quest to develop proper ICT policies for the country, being coerced to support a particular vendor.

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Chris Kiagiri said...

fortunately, Kenya's revised decision to abstain from the vote bodes well for maintaining openness/choice.