Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Uta do? Kenya's culture of impunity

It looks to me that Kenya has a prevalent 'don't care', 'uta do?' mentality.

Uta Do?
Watch how you and I drive or walk or bike.
It is illegal to overtake at a bump or at a junction. Yet I'm not sure you can find any Kenyan driver who has not. Zebra crossings, traffic lights are hardly followed. Guys (nearly) always run red lights. The list is long.
Lack of courtesy - scrambling into the lifts even before the people inside have disembarked.

Mta Do?
Then get to governance (or what we think is governance). It's usually a case of 'I'm the big man - I can do anything'. Case in point our cabinet scenario being played out. I hardly watch news, preferring to read stories online or in papers because at times, the smugness displayed gets rather under my skin.
Some one grabs a plot - mtado? Someone siphons some funds - mta do ?

So tuta do?

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Puzzling when people who are supposed to evaluate standards on documents compare them to railroad and other hardware standards...