Monday, March 10, 2008

Msafara Wheels of Hope - in Nairobi today

In as much as there has been a political breakthrough, there's lots of stuff that still needs addressing - one of which is spiritual.

Check out the blog for more info.

An extract from the Msafara Blog:

'' I spoke from the life of Daniel & his friends, who lived in the midst of a tense political situation, and yet never compromised. 6 traits in them that I called the “6 pillars of Leadership Integrity”. First was their intentional commitment to walk together (accountability) (1:6); second was their access to a different source of wisdom (God) 2:17 - 19; third was their non-negotiable values (3:17, 18), fourth was their/Daniel’s commitment to tell the truth even at the risk of his life (4:19); fifth was his refusal to accept incentives in the administration of his calling (5:17); and finally was his untainted honesty & integrity (6:5). ''

I wonder if I'd be able to maintain these pillars given Daniel's situation.

The msafara convoy is in Nairobi with prayers from 5.30 pm at the KICC.

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