Thursday, August 24, 2006

Passing Through - My Focus and Priorities?

- I seem to be living in an age where the acquisition of wealth and money seems to be all that preoccupies the daily lives of people around me; where the desire to acquire and control immense amounts of money is the overwhelming driving force for seeking employment.

- Everyone wants.. more salary, more houses, more allowances, more more more more..

Oh and when you get a moderate pay rise this time, very soon after you want more...

I doubt it ever gets enough... as with all material things.

I would like to do lots of things, my primary objective being help other guys achieve their potential, and live happy lives.

It is indeed very difficult to re-orient myself to stop thinking about asking for payrises and instead thinking of ways and means to invest in and improve others. Call it a change of mindset, but as follower of Christ, I feel that's a life that one has to live. After all I'm just but a traveller in this world. As Anointed put it 'Life is a Dream, and Heaven's Reality'.

Living without thinking about getting more money - easier said than done. But with time I will. Of course this doesn't mean that I'll be broke. I might just be on the other side of that spectrum.

What really matters is, when I have all the money that maybe I'd want (an ideal state - like an thermal engine being 100% efficient:) ).. what do I do with it. Do you hoard it up, keeping it close to me, just making more and more and more and more...
or do I do the Acts 2:42-47 thing. After all it's not like the money will follow me to heaven, for that matter, it'll look rather dull there.

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