Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Wanted on Ubuntu

I tend to use more than one monitor while working (both at work and at home) in an 'extended' sort of way - Xinerama is what it's called in the X world. For me this boosts productivity, as I can easily have a document open on one screen while working on an email for instance or another. (Or while at home, do some hacking on a server while watching a movie on the other screen :) )

This is easily done on Windows, but so far I haven't gotten it to work on Feisty Fawn despite visiting quite a number of threads. I don't think that I have exhausted all options but last time I was trying to get Xinerama to work on X I had to keep restarting the entire Operating System since X windows kept crashing.

I'll be eagerly waiting for Gutsy Gibbon coming out in October, which supposedly has a nice GUI that allows you to configure Xinerama.

Meanwhile any help is welcome on hacking this.

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