Thursday, February 21, 2008

Msafara Wheels of Hope

I just got this by email so I will reproduce it in full:

An exciting initiative that’s been recently launched is ‘Msafara – Wheels of Hope’. Msafara means ‘convoy’. The vision of Msafara is to lead 300 pastors and Christians from different churches in Kenya to 5 major towns over 10 days on a mission to unify churches, conduct large scale healing/reconciliation ceremonies and distribute humanitarian supplies.
Msafara is seeking to raise 100,000 hygiene kits to distribute to the displaced across the country. What’s a hygiene kit? Thought you’d never ask! See the list below. If you are able to put together one (or a thousand), please drop it/them at the Nairobi Baptist Church, where the secretariat is housed. Or if you work in downtown Nairobi, you could leave it at the Memorial Park, which is the downtown collection center.
You can contact the Msafara secretariat on 0733-678311, 0722-219330 or
For more details on how you can participate , please check

Also there's going to be a period of prayer and fasting from 29th February to 7th March.

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