Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Horrible Driving, Rain

Last Monday evening I counted at least 5 minor accidents over a stretch of about 5 km.

Today evening, there was a pileup on valley road, while I encountered a couple of accidents as well.

Most of these accidents, if not all were preventable. A little patience, a little road courtesy, and at least trying to adhere to traffic regulations.

I'm actually shocked that the incidents of road rage are this low, considering how inconsiderate we are about other motorists, and pedestrians. With the current rain, it's just polite to avoid splashing water on pedestrians. Going back home to change clothes thirty minutes after dressing up for work is NOT fun.

The road carnage is avoidable:

  • by keeping to the speed limits (it saves fuel too) - I suppose that the people who came up with these limits were not picking the figures arbitrarily. Even in developed countries with wider roads, the road speed limit is rarely more than 120 KPH.
  • Not overtaking at junctions - it is illegal and dangerous - the number of times I've seen guys do this is amazing. And with the narrow roads that are most Kenyan roads... Of course overtaking at bends, hills is dangerous .. but most people at least don't do that.
  • Avoiding getting emotional when driving, it's not worth holding a grudge against a driver who'll probably end up on a different road.

I've no words for matatu drivers (City Hoppa, Kenya Bus are not any better). They are arguably the most skilled drivers on the road, but they have no semblance of road etiquette. The day we get an urban rail system.....

Another thing I remember from the highway code - overtaking at bumps is illegal.. I wonder when cops will start harassing guys..

The only problem with traffic enforcement is that it is not consistent - always a crackdown here and there.. and there's the whole corruption issue....

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Peperuka said...

"Not overtaking at junctions - it is illegal and dangerous" - I have been twice because of stupid driver overtaking me at junctions while I was about to turn right !!

Some matatu drivers are nice !! They often give way... City Hoppa, ouach, there are bad !!