Tuesday, December 09, 2008


Not sure that last weekends generation jipange event at Uhuru Gardens...

To me it was just another gig (albeit free) which drew a sizeable crowd (looked like 20k) but when it comes to impart values that would maybe go someway in making a difference in the lives of youth who forma a majority in this country, I feel that a more grass roots, smaller group approach might be more effective.

In terms of HIV aids awareness as one of the pillars - I assume the event was not focusing on that... 

Meanwhile some of the youth returning from that event decided to try to jipanga by attempting to rob a lady in her vehicle smack in the middle of the Langata road jam. They went as as far as rocking the small vehicle in full view of other motorists and without a care as to whether they'd get caught. Fortunately, the motorists in front of her realised her predicament and managed to scatter the crowd infront of them, allowing the lady to drive to safety.

Some of the pillars for me look shallow but that's another day's story.

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