Monday, April 06, 2009

Android Review

I've got to play with the world's first android based phone, and it's been quite interesting.

The good:

Loads and loads of applications on the market, a good number of them for free. Among my favorites:
  • Astrid - task list that's more than just that
  • APNDroid - Easy turn off/on your data connection stays on
  • Browser - the native browser is pretty cool to use
  • Bonsai Blast - this game should be on every phone
  • GMail for Android - very easy to use
  • Compare Everywhere - I like this one though it's not too applicable outside of the US. Scan a bar code and get a price comparison online.
  • Tunewiki
  • Twidroid - Twitter :)
The Not So Good:

  • Issues with Bluetooth - sending files is a problem
  • SIM Applications (think MPESA, ZAP) have not worked for me - possibly since the sim application toolkit has not been implemented (as far as I know) yet in the current software release.
  • Battery Life - especially if you use the phone alot for GPS and data

Other than these it's quite a phone.


Msanii_XL said...

Battery is my biggest peeve, though i live with it.

try shop savvy instead of compare everywhere. also try beyond pod(rss reader and podcast manager), also stream furious is great.and Gmote is also good.

midget said...

yep, battery is an issue on this phone. If you use the GPS and WiFi probably it won't last a full day.

Gramware said...

been a motorola fan, i am waiting for the other handsets, esp the good looking kick slider motorola calgary. hope by then i will be earning enough to afford it. its got the looks to give other smart phones a run for their money. by then the android platform will have improved a lot.