Wednesday, May 13, 2009

This is my desire: to honor You?

This is my desire: to honor You.

(I question myself here - Is my desire to honor Yahweh in everything I do. This is a hard one, yet how many times have I sang this song?)

Lord with all my heart I worship You.

(With ALL MY HEART ? The things I sing, is it true that I worship him with all my heart, not holding back even 0.1% ?)

All I have within me, I give You praise.

(All I have within me - my talents, my gifts, my body, my soul, my mind, my all) - this is a hard one..

All that I adore is in You.

(Yet sometimes my focus is not on Yahweh, but on other things, yet is says ALL I adore - not some of what I adore, or a little bit of what I adore.)

     Lord I give You my heart,
     I give You my soul, I live for You alone.

 (I must add here, I need His help to be able to give the Lord all my heart and soul, not just a wee bit of it, 'as I see fit' and to live for Him alone - waaaaaaaaaah how can anyone do that alone?)
     Every breath that I take,
     Every moment I'm awake,
     Lord have Your way in me.
(Every breath? Every Moment? Just thinking of that and the sinfulness of man makes this one very hard thing, really how can I be able to do this on my own?)


The Wert said...

I guess that is the point isn't it. We can never be able to do it on our own.
Because we couldn't reach God on our own, Christ came for us. And even after that, we still can't make it on our own, that is why He gives us His Holy Spirit, and Grace to help in time of need, as well as loads of Mercy, that we can be able to draw near to Him. Not by our might, not by our power, but by His Spirit - but first, there has to be an act of our will.
That is what makes it so awesome. I can't do it on my own, but when I choose to do it, He gives me the equipment and empowerment to do it. And even if I miss it, He still loves me all the same.
Powerful blog Josiah. Makes one think.


Anonymous said...

Nop - never on our own could we make it. We do need the Holy Spirit in us to make it! God help us all.