Thursday, March 15, 2007

Jogging and Bible Memory

On 12th Feb of this year after really getting siked after watching a Brian Tracy presention on Secrets of Self Millionaires (more on this later).. I set out 10 goals I would like to achieve by 12th Feb 2008 among them including

200 Bible verses memorized
Jog at least 2 KM on at least 270 days of the year

I had been jogging almost daily previously, but there are times during the year when the sike just goes ... though in such situations my body will complain.

I think the best time to jog is before 8 depending on where u live as plant life gives out Oxygen at night and thus the air is very fresh and there is much less pollution. Of course if u live in a concrete jungle that could be different....

I combined these two goals: Do a memory verse while jogging my 2-3 km and work out lightly afterwards. And it's working so far :) - I've done I think 10-15 verses, jogged more than 5 days a week and feel great each morning both spiritually and physically - the endorphin's coursing through your body after really pushing yourself :) .

I started out by aiming to do it over 30 days - then now 3 months then the rest of the year. My first milestone came and went without much trouble. 3 months is of course a challenge.

It's also a great use of the time that you have to yourself in the morning since one gets tired of jogging sometimes due to the mind being rather free.

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