Friday, April 06, 2007

My Easter Meditation

My Easter Meditation:

Thank you for the cross, Lord
Thank you for the price You paid
Bearing all my sin and shame
In love You came
And gave amazing grace

Thank you for this love, Lord
Thank you for the nail pierced hands
Washed me in Your cleansing flow
Now all I know
Your forgiveness and embrace

Worthy is the Lamb
Seated on the throne
Crown You now with many crowns
You reign victorious

High and lifted up
Jesus Son of God
The Darling of Heaven crucified
Worthy is the Lamb
Worthy is the Lamb


Guitar Tabs for the Song are here


Chris Kiagiri said...

We sang this at the Good Friday service that I attended jana. Nice song.

djfresh said...

Yea, like this song alot!