Wednesday, July 09, 2008

GnuCASH and personal finance management

I have finally moved to Gnucash for management of my personal finances, after my trial license for MS Money 2008 (US Edition) expired.

This means that I now completely use FOSS software for all my personal software. I had done a post on this about a year ago, and the missing link was financial management.

Gnucash is pretty simple to use once you get the hang of it. Some stuff can be a bit manual - e.g. automatically setting up tax on personal incomes (possibly due to the business oriented nature of the software), but one feature I like a lot is the ability to have multiple accounts open at once and switch between them at will.

I opted not to migrate from MS Money, but start from a particular date to make it easy for myself.

I would recommend Gnucash for anyone looking for a FOSS alternative to the commercial accounting packages out there.


Chris Kiagiri said...

thanks for the tip!

egm said...

I use Gnucash as well. Good software that!