Saturday, July 12, 2008

Irritations: Full beam while other vehicles are around at night

This post has just been coming ....

Sometimes I wonder if people who do not dip their headlights while driving at night behind another motorist realize that they are potentially increasing their chances of being in an accident. The effect on your rear view mirror serves to disorient and blind you.

Not to say the guys who do not dim their lights when a vehicle is approaching in the opposite direction at night. With the craters on the roads, it complicates driving at night: dodging potholes, and having some dude (tte) with lights so bright that they could help the three blind mice see.



The Wert said...

I guess the first thing is that such information is not addressed well in driving schools. We need some changes in the driving school and driving test arena where people do have to sit a written exam like in other countries. Moving a car from point A to B is not all there is to driving. Road courtesy should also be addressed.
Oh, I forgot, not every one goes to driving school and not everyone also has a driving license issued legally.


HLumiti said...

Hi Josiah,
Indeed, the atrocious driving skills prevalent on our roads are so irritating and dangerous. And I concur with The Wert that our driving schools are the single most contributor to this madness. I am not sure that I was taught anything by this fellows. The traffic inspector at my test only saw me move a truck for about 50 meters on a straight stretch near statehouse Mombasa!And that was it, plus reciting a few road signs in his office. My tutor assured me that I'd pass having paid the full training fees which factored in Ksh 500 for the traffic police. He added that I'd learn the 'rest' on the road.

That our accident rate is not higher is perhaps due to divine guidance.

Anonymous said...
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