Friday, September 12, 2008

IEEE Exhibition 11th Edition

This year's exhibitions mainly featured IT and renewable energy.

A few of the demonstrations I got a chance to look at:

  • Hybrid Power using Solar and Biodiesel - combining both Solar and Biodiesel Energy to ensure that a household (or village) has power via Solar or Bio energy regardless of whether the sun shines or not.
  • Developing Energy from Gravity - looked intriguing - it would be interesting to see this fully developed
  • Synergistic Hybrid Energy
  • SCADA system
  • A solar based mobile charger (more than one variation) - quite useful for those without electricity
  • Automatic headlight dimmer for two approaching vehicles - I've ranted about headlights before - would be very useful and potential could reduce some accidents.
  • Automatic traffic offence checking system - reduces corruption maybe ?
  • Electrical Biogas production (process monitoring and control)
  • Market Decision Support System - This looked quite interesting - A business intelligence tool that allows a farmer to choose where to sell his produce based on price, and location. Some of the obstacles that the developer Andrew Owuor mentioned include the need for real time market data from markets round the country, for the system to be of use.
  • iLocator @ Makerere University - provides a virtual tour of the university. Next for the two ladies from Makerere is making it mobile and GPS enabled.
  • Online Farm information system - providing useful info for farmers round the country
  • Online Farm Equipments and Machinery hiring system
  • Building Materials Management - quite useful when putting up your house .
  • Keeping in mind the events that occurred earlier in the year, several students had voting/tallying systems.
  • Thermo cooking - using a regular thermos
  • Mpesa Online Shopping - Safaricom CEO Michael Joseph was especially interested in this one for obvious reasons.
  • The Dullu Game Project - It looks like more developers are following Wesley in the development of games.
  • Mobile Real Time NSE data - A very well done user interface on the mobile phone, portfolio management, hourly data.
  • Using Piezo Electric energy to charge a phone - very interesting yet practical.


bankelele said...

Thanks for the recap. I with the expo would have run till Sunday. I was keen to see the energy saving apps


Thanks Josiah for the recap, there were nice applications and innovative stuff on show.
What shocked me a bit is that majority of the students did not have an idea of how much they would sell their applications or how much it would cost someone interested in deploying their applications.

It is the business aspect that has been talked about so many times.

Then there was this guy from KU with a simulation of Physics lessons for high schools, my question was, if the universities are not using simulation, how do we convince secondary schools to use technology?

The guy told me it was just for his project but I wished he had simulated such stuff for the chemistry or physics department at KU, which he admitted do not use such technology in their teaching.

Charity begins at home and the university students should start by teaching the way we are taught at the institutions of higher learning.

Yes, they must embrace the whole society and change it, but if secondary schools come on a university tour and see how they teach, they may want to replicate.

Can you imagine coming from a secondary school where you are all hi-tech and come to the university and such tech is non existent.

Just my thoughts....