Wednesday, September 24, 2008

nairobi metro

Trains every 30 minutes:

Nairobi Central -Thika, Athi River, Limuru, Buruburu/Eastlands

It would be very useful and could ease the load on our crowded roads very much.

I know RVR is maybe more intent on enhancing the use of railway lines for transportation of cargo, but commuter transport is viable. I'm still to see a modern city that boasts a good transport infrastructure that does not have a well developed railway system


And whats with this half baked patching of roads that borders on hazardous at times? While attempting to patch up Chiromo Road, the contractors have created large craters on the road ( I know they intend to fill them up) that more likely than not, have been the cause of a few accidents. Considering that this is 3 lane motorway, that is not well lit, accidents are bound to happen when large potholes stretch across two lanes.

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