Friday, March 20, 2009

odds and ends

It looks like my resolution to do a post a week seems to have not taken off (though having had to take a 1 month break from 'everyone' contributed a lot).

My highlights over the last few weeks:

overwhelming wedding :)

Funny guys - MP's actually are thinking of a 1.5M salary (so that they can pay tax hmmmph!) - this when there's famine and a global economic crisis that we in Kenya seem not to have fully grasped.

Saks did an interesting story on impunity - I'll post it here sometimes...

Power Radio 91.1 launched last weekend - I haven't 'touched that dial' for quite a while.

After the MD Band did wonders at the wedding - there's several invites to perform... we're still deciding on whether to do this regularly and how it would impact on MD's ministry.

And on to more techie things:

Barcamp 2009 - (Mombasa and/or Nairobi) - planning is about to start...

Seacom cable goes live on June 27 2009 - Yay!! but wait..... how's our nationwide infrastructure going... and local relevant content..

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