Wednesday, July 12, 2006

FOSS: Software CD's delayed by Posta

I've been told that some 300 CD's of Ubuntu Linux have been detained by Posta. They were donated to LPA-Kenya, the Linux Professionals Association by the Shuttleworth Foundation. I don't understand these guys, considering that this software is totally free, (free source, free download, free postage even!). So even if duty is to be paid.... the maths is elementary.

I expect my personal consignment any time now and hope that they don't act funny. The last time I did this, the consignment was posted to me and I had no issues collecting it. A friend of mine however was asked to pay duty of about 2000+ and of course he told them to keep the CD's.
I already have a download of the CD's I'm expecting; it's just that the CD covers are soo coool...

Ubuntu Linux - version 6.06 is rated top ahead of Suse Linux and Fedora for the Desktop.

I believe the Free and Open Source Software is the way to go for Africa, and indeed the world as regards to IT based systems and applications.

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