Wednesday, July 05, 2006

France vs Portugal


I slept through most of the Germany vs Italy game....

I think i must have been kinda tired.. or was it just a boring game until extra time ? :) .. called it quits at 90 minutes only to hear that I missed the goals... anyway 100% win predictions correct so far...(out of 1 :) )

now todays game is kinda tricky to predict...

If Brazil couldn't break down that french defence, and portugal have had issues infront of goal.. I wonder if Portugal can actually hack this one...

Portugal has allegedly ronaldo & figo doubtful - well i think they are 100% fit..

Zidane will be key to france as always.. and henry simply has to stay onside for 20% of the time.. :) ... Abidal has really impressed at left back... as has gallas in the centre... in essence, the french are hitting form..

Portugal's main worry should be their apparent lack of potency infront of goal....
Hopefully this should end if they are to gain some form of vengeance against the french (remember zidane's extra time 'golden penalty' - i've never felt more 'gutted' after a soccer game)..

I suspect france will have the upper hand... and this could be a one goal game ( much as i want portugal to lift the trophy)

france win 1-0 in regulation time.

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abby said...

for once I don't really care who wins - would be happy for either team - France coz of the 'African' factor and Portugal coz they've never been there before.
i do think, however, that if France win, they will do so by a bigger margin than 1-0.