Friday, July 07, 2006

Italy vs France

This is about the hardest to call..

Based on each teams road to the final, on paper, Italy look like they could win it. They also have the advantage of having a days rest.

However, this is Zidane's last World Cup game, his last International Game, and what better way to end one's carrier than to be in the final of the world's greatest tournament, and better still to win it.

Italy probably are the fitter side. You just need to look at the Semi Final with Germany, and also their amazing defence.

France's last two games are reminiscent of Euro 2000: france beating portugal - deciding goal was a Zidane penalty in both cases, Trezeguet being a substitute (looks like he'll be coming on for the final as a substitute) - he scored the winning goal in Euro 2000... , with wiltord providing the assist (then i was anti-France especially after the Portugal elimination).. De ja vu...

Thierry Henry has this penchant of scoring goals against Italians (champions league)... I suspect he'll be on the score sheet this time round. Thuram, Viera and Trezeguet play for Juventus, and Henry, Zidane have played for Juventus before. All these players know each other inside out.

Both defences are extremely good (france though have the temperament of Barthez to watch out for)

this is a hard one to call... but i think i'll go for an Italy win in extra time.

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