Friday, December 08, 2006

hmm 2M prezzo

It's all plain old GREED - and not just among most of our politicians but among a good number of us Kenyans.

How do we drive - helter skelter in a hurry to get somewhere (yet after dangerously overtaking the 'slouch' infront that seems to be in no hurry we end up just 2 seconds ahead of him).. just watch traffic on any road in Nairobi for like 2 hours - a really fascinating study of being in a hurry to go nowhere.

How do we do business - a good number of employers .. milk,squeeze every drop out of an employee while paying peanuts.. a good number of employees .. skiving job or not doing work properly and expecting to get a raise soon

How do we communicate and express our opinions...we can be very intolerant to one another, though we seem to be improving here somewhat. And we also love talking but hate doing mainly because we apparently can't plan too far ahead - or so it appears..

our political class are all about power and 'having our people eat' which is very unfortunate. That's an extremely short sighted plan of leadership

We have NO STATESMEN/WOMEN i can think of who think beyond themselves. and not $$$$$ and property.

The excuse that some people in gova were earning more than the president isn't good enough for me.


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