Monday, December 11, 2006

Project Fame Final Week

Seems that my list of contestants at the final hurdle didn't change


I had predicted (though didn't blog it here) that the winner would be one of Alvan, Linda or Val

I expect Linda to win it... she has the best balance of skills and 'that bit that u can't use words to describe that makes a star'


Couch 'tato said...

it was sad to see xtine go i was expectin her in the finals

now linda i agree has reained constant but yetserday apart fro helule Valerie outshone her...and it didnt help that she was doin her backup and yoiu could actually tell her voice is better

oh well we'll see who the voters will pick coz even alvan has a chance

damn someone is gonna win that merc

note how we havent discussed cedric

Digz guy said...

I say Alvan top contender followed by Val whose personality will draw in the voters more than Linda who is the better singer/performer

jazz said...

yeah i agree with u "digz" i reckon val may win considering her way with the fans n charisma..linda is a way better of the 2 n though alvan is talented i dont really see him as the one with the bets are on val to drive home the merc..

The Alpha Quadrant said...

I'd like to see Val win (I've always known she can sing - she's done BGVs for a few other people)

Linda is a professional musician - has taught voice before at Real Music School in Westlands. she's worked on her performances alot.. a friend of mine told me she only lost out on Cocacola popstars coz of her delivery

Alvan... hmm ... he has a good voice... but i have my doubts...

like 'tato .. i'm wondering why we are not talking about Cedric