Monday, December 18, 2006

Project Fame: and the winner is


Great vote! .. she's really a great person - vocally and all.... and has enormous potential to do music, coupled with her very friendly demeanor and positive attitude.

The rest
Alvan, Cedric and Linda have great potential to succeed as musicians in their own right... they have really shown it anyway.

I guess the show styled up towards the end.. as everyone involved got into their groove.


Couch 'tato said...

yup my vote didnt go to waste.Go VAL go

ALvan becae too arrogant. Linda What happened she looked like she was gettin burnt out and i definitely didnt like the lack of proffesionalis what do you mean she couldnt continue singin with eric around...not not good

Cedric-atleast i'll say he did get better

but for once the real winner or rather the winner most deserving got the ultiate prize

question is how long will she last as a star

one thing i dont like bout them all they have no art in sall talk..their responses always seem very lame and forced

why dont i just go ahead and guest blog alpha?

The Alpha Quadrant said...


Most of them have nothing really concrete to say... they need to really learn how to dot (at least properly :) )

Alvan - yeah definitely got arrogant i guess.. Linda got tired out .. and then there was that thing with Eric W - she was tongue tied and blushing like sijui kama amelipwa... hmm .. now what if a world famous artist showed up?

Val - as positive as ever.... how long will she last (I just happen to know her a bit)

U want to guest blog? tato?

jazzkuria said...

ok congrats to valerie..

she won n she derserves it,bt i thot linda was technically better than her me these contest wasnt as closely contested as the south african one where pothelezo n that white chic who won(ive forgoten her name)...nway, they really took it to the wire with only 2 full of praaise for the participants ,the voters, the organizers, n all lovers of music fr this great event though