Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I hate ICT certficates and all these papers

u go for an interview with a stock pile of papers showing that you are more or less giving Dexter (the boy genius who lives by the laws of science, and hates his sister DeeDee :) ) competition.

So u think u match einstein's IQ, what with all the papers nicely tucked in your portfolio and ready to be flashed out to the interviewer at a moments notice.. papers ..

Well .. of course you're totally prepared for the interview and you get the job.. (your job title probably reads IT Manager or something inspiring and important)

Lakini wacha the real IT world hits you... (i.e. papers != knowledge) a simple virus can give u nightmares and make u miss that (executive) lunch.. or the mere mention of another operating system apart from Micro$oft windows.. can be (almost) heart stopping..

but then you think.. after all ... papers are everything ... or are they...?