Thursday, May 11, 2006

Update: 'Lord' Tom Cholmondley

from news:

The man shot dead last night by Lord Delamere’s grandson Tom Cholmondley has been identified as 37-year-old Robert Njoya Mbugua, who lived in Greenstead estate in Nakuru. And police say they also suspect he and his four accomplices who got away were poachers, because a dead gazelle was found at the scene of the shooting.



So apparently they were poachers... or were they?


AK said...

Can't that colonist be deported once and for all?

Oh! how can I forget..the people who are supposed to defend the rights of wanainchi will be the first ones to kiss his arse.

I hear even cops have already declared he was poaching because they found a dead animal...what the heck? Selective justice the Kenyan way.

Anonymous said...

Ok, emotions aside

a few days ago biwotts bodyguards shot someone in a public space - no one raised an issue.
i dont even know if that matter is being investigated

this guys shot an intruder on hes private property and people are calling for he's head.

the ther day my dads house got attacked by thugs they threatened to burn him laive at he's house - suppose he had a gun and shot the intruders - would this be murder?

now put it this way my dads hows been attacked numerous times and im sure he is not the only one

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