Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Kengen IPO

Look at Bankelele's post for details of the allocation.

I really feel for the large individual & institutional investors who applied for large quantities of shares only to get a paltry 6,600 shares.. lost income for them since that money would have generated some income elsewhere for them.

I still think the advisors, architects etc of the IPO had no idea of the kind of response they'd get.

Now that there's alot of money being refunded.. i suspect that at least half of the 12B being refunded could find it's way back into the NSE... that means that everything shoots up, with possibly no regards for fundamentals of investing etc..
I'm kinda sceptical of such situations... before every bear market, there's usually a bull market... now the key thing is to know when the bull ends.

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bankelele said...

running of the bulls. I still wish another smaller IPO had taken place before Kengen to gauge the market. Now I-banks are blaming us for crying when they tried to use the book-building method (that favoured big investors) for Kengen