Tuesday, May 09, 2006

World Cup: Walcott?

I wonder what Sven is thinking. This kid should be on holiday from school during the world cup, unless the holiday location has been moved to Germany.

Kid is good though, rumour has it that he might be faster Owen, Bellamy or Henry in the premiership... He also has that confidence etc and can really play ball...

Lakini kijana hajaanzia Arsenal not even one game... so it's still a gamble... must be something to do with the rooney injury... ati he may be able to provide some of that inspiration

Anyway I like this world cup.... it's going to be one where the kids: cesc, messi among others could actually take centre stage..


Ken said...

Sven is smoking crack, he is prone to falling more for media speculation than acting with rationality.
How does he leave out young english strikers who have been scoring goals in the league to go for that kid. I expected Defoe, Bent or Harewood but not some kid who even Wenger is yet to unleash.
I dont think that kid will really amount to much,
A striker is only as good as the goals he scores we havent seen Walcot beat the top defenders.

The Alpha Quadrant said...

Sven must be unofficially coaching Sweden for the world cup...

The.Hanyeé said...

I'm a huge England fan with mad psyche for this WC like everyone else..

I understand how a lot of people are thinking...how the hell can Sven select Theo before other "proven" strikers? Why is he taking a gamble? Is he unofficially coaching Sweden?

First, he is the manager of the team and must have a basis for his selections...they may not be rationale or whatever but there must be a basis..and even without competitive Premiership experience or otherwise, I am sure he chose Walcott with some basis. And that's what he gets paid to do. Everyone wants so and so in or out of the squad...he has made a decision. Live with it.

I will ask anyone who is currently at wits' end with Sven's decision to give Walcott and any other doubts a chance to prove themselves in the build-up matches with Hungary and Jamaica, and then rate this kid, as to whether he can score, perform, beat top defenders et al.

Granted, there are some good selections (Lennon ahead of SWP, Downing) and others that I just dont feel (Hargreaves, Jenas...I thought there would be better options) and some I feel for for being left out (Bent, Defoe).

Regardless of what my opinions are, I am still going to madly support and rally behind the 3 Lions come the WC one month from now.

Anonymous said...

Booo Hoooo!

As usual England Fans are always *goobledidoing* about nothing.

Cry babys! All of them. True there are some good no great players out there. Si you let the guy play AND THEN comment. Then let the man coach! Thats what HE IS PAID TO DO!

All this analysis... seriously!!!

Cant we just sit back... watch and enjoy the games.

After all... its ONLY a game :-))