Wednesday, January 10, 2007

The Beast: Unleashed

A break from my predominately technology and business blogging to a refreshing and astonishing soccer game between Liverpool and Arsenal that ended 3-6 - Now I wish I had Supersport @ home for the duration of this game :(. However, the net came to my rescue - trust someone to put the goals on youtube. Here they are (Aliadiere's goal is my best ;) ):

27 Aliadiere: Liverpool 0 - 1 Arsenal
33 Fowler: Liverpool 1 - 1 Arsenal
40 Baptista: Liverpool 1 - 2 Arsenal
45 Song: Liverpool 1 - 3 Arsenal
45 Baptista: Liverpool 1 - 4 Arsenal
60 Baptista: Liverpool 1 - 5 Arsenal
68 Gerrard: Liverpool 2 - 5 Arsenal
80 Hyypia: Liverpool 3 - 5 Arsenal
84 Baptista: Liverpool 3 - 6 Arsenal

Man of the match was Aliadiere. I hope he doesn't get sold. Though AW says he doesn't want him to go so that's a good sign. RVP and Adebayor had better watch their positions. The Beast has roared and Aliadiere looks to have rediscovered the form of the Inter Milan 1 - 5 Arsenal. I also hope Ljunberg is not going anywhere despite all the rumours.

Liverpool fans must be something - even TH14 says that they are awesome. That says something.

I hope Benitez can pull up the morale of the team after 2 losses to a rejuvenated Arsenal side who've suffered with numerous injuries in the first half of the season.

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