Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Dating is Competitive Manipulation

Very interesting blog ... wonder how true it is :)

"The truth is women love to compete with other women. Women want to win men over. They want to be chosen by a man who could have any girl he wants. No woman of caliber wants to win a man by default. She wants her man to be a prize, a good catch, someone she can be proud of. When you tell a woman that her significant other is handsome or intelligent, she’ll likely beam with self satisfaction. In complimenting her man, you’ve complimented her. You have told her, in so many words, that she is capable of attracting a quality mate. The women who rail against this usually have a low self esteem and thus avoid competition because they fear they’ll always fail….or they’re ugly. You pick."

Read the whole of it.

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mama shady said...

these things!generally, i can see where shes coming from. but yup for many people dating is all about smoke and mirrors!sad isnt it.