Friday, January 12, 2007

Beckam's new salary: Obscene or what

David Beckam is going to be making about 3.51 BILLION shillings a year ... (26 Million Pounds a year) in his new Major League Soccer deal

The juicy part:

Under MLS rules, each side is allowed one star player who does not come under the salary cap - but the budget for the rest of the squad is limited to around £1million, or £50,000 per player per season.

By contrast, Beckham will earn £500,000 a week from his salary, image rights and associated sponsorship - but not including personal endorsements.

Here's the full story...

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Digz guy said...

Why is the salary cap in MLS only $1 million when it's so much higher in the other American Major League sports anyway?
I say if people are buying Beckham shirts, then he deserves to get his cut of the cash - whether he decides to give it to charity or not - that's another story!
But I'd much rather see the money in his pocket then in the pocket of some executive who doesn't even know what a soccer ball looks like!!!