Tuesday, April 11, 2006

dot com kenyan cops

Maendeleo eh... cops on the net nowadays...

It seems that (finally?) the gova has noticed that the Internet actually does exist..

Ati u can download P3 forms and Police Abstract forms from the site.... but i wonder... if u take them to a police station where the cops don't know nada about the website... what'll be the conversation like..?


Anonymous said...

hi am a cop n the dotcom kenyan cops is an idea whose time has come n 4 sure i personally appreciate,no more living life like a vegetable 4wards ever backwards neva kudos 2 the police website.

Anonymous said...

The server, Running a windows server has more than 20 Backdoors and Fully Vulnerable and so is the mailserver. A police Server should be secure not all Kenyan Hackers should Access it. What if a SCRIPT KIDDE got in, you get a deface.