Tuesday, April 25, 2006

investment clubs

10 or so guys with KES 100000 or so each can really dictate Buy/Sell price..

Let alone the likes of akina the now well known Transcentury Group who have caused a sharp rise in Housing Finance shares with their intended acquisition of 24.9%..

I for one am for small investors to pool up their resources and buy buy buy.. getting portfolio management services wouldn't be hard i think, and the fact that decision making is not left to an individual would (maybe) reduce the investment risk..


Shiroh said...

I do agree with you.

I just bought some Housing Finance shares and let me watch and see.

I think the Transcentury is a good idea.

And on your previous post, try Francis Drummond.

The Alpha Quadrant said...

Francis Drummond:

Sent an email inquiry how to open an account on 21st March this yaer.

Got a reply on April 13th

Not an encouragement... OK maybe they were swamped with the IPO, but then 1 email takes how long to act on.

-- ok so i replied same hour and gave them my details..
No Reply so far...

CFC Fin - am not too jazzed by them either but at least 70% of the time they reply in good time.

Any others ?

Housing Finance - Well they'll level out... guys are prob already selling.. the surge in price was purely speculative..no fundamentals have really changed..

bankelele said...

small investors will never have the clout of the old mutual's, Merali's and Transcentury. They don't have the same level of information in the first place

AK said...

Tried to open an online account with Francis Drummond weeks before the KenGen brouhaha, got an incomplete generated profile sheet, called them to report the malfunction and to ask for an alternative format, sent them a follow-up email.

that was two months ago, I am still waiting for a response.

Maybe the Internet has not been as revolutionary for business as we often peddle!

The Alpha Quadrant said...

I may try out dyer & blair now that they are advertising soooo much on the Nation website...

Kibet said...

i think the stock brokers are being hesitant to invest in IT infrastructure- probably waiting for some bold firm to start and if things look prosperous, they'll all rush to cash in.

The amount of cash transcentury/merali or any market movers work with is major.... would take quite a formidable investment club to beat them [or even get close].

Kibet said...

@Bankelele: out of curiosity, what do you make of HFCK and Transcentury's recent interest in its shares.

Ken said...

I use Francis Drummond and they are not so good.
They have this online system which used to work well but no one there seems to respond to it, the problem with them is they take 2 long to reply to e-mail or confirm anything. Buying is a nightmare and funds transfer is a pain.

Bankelele small investors pooling together could get the attention of brokers and analysts and such teams could benefit from professional advice and preferential treatment to some extent.

Shiroh said...

Ken i am also noticing the problem with Francis drummond. They simply dont care.

I have been told to try a certain Stella Munyoro of Suntra Investment Bank so ..

bankelele said...

I use CFC myself

HFCK/Transcentury - just buy some shares and wait it out. HFCK have some provisioning issues to sort out but they have soem great mortgage products and potential.

I have lost faith in FD and will advise my peopel to transfer accounts to other brokers

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