Wednesday, April 26, 2006

L' Arsenal, Kaka and Barca

Ok... worst performance I've ever seen from Arsenal this season .. in the champions league.. Lehmann has just solidified his position as Germany No 1 Keeper.
Gilberto may have also guaranteed a Brazil Start..
But history never records such things.. they are in the Paris Final. Can't say they don't deserve to be there though. Nerves + Fatigue from playing way too many games of late:
Juve... manu, portsmouth, west brom, villareal, tottenham, villareal.. with 2-3 days in between for rest... and a very small squad. Now Senderos and Flamini injured.

Barca vs AC Milan: I don't think Barcelona's Defence is as astute as Villareal's. AC Milan will certainly go all out to get that away goal to even things out. And Pipo Inzaghi is back.. he has this knack of scoring important goals..from impossible situations.. Kaka is on form.. I think he's seriously underestimated...he'll definately have to play a great role if AC Milan are to be in Paris on May 17. He was their best player last week. Schevchenko will need to get back to his immaculate self.. and Gilardino shouldn't even appear on the bench.

AC Milan are more than capable of winning at the Nou Camp.. question is whether they can stop Barca Scoring...

Arsenal vs Barcelona final i think though. Better from an entertainment point of view anyway.


bankelele said...

In their defence, it was the way Villareal set the tempo - very slow, precide passing, probing for rare chances, and Arsenal just could not counter - it was very unlike the free flowing style they show at Highbury. And this game will show Henry why he should not go and play in Spain - not his style.

Jay said...

Yani within the first twenty minutes I was cringing with horror. Arsenal was so out of that game it was depressing to watch. I walked away with such a feeling of impending doom. I certainly hope they find their rhythm by the finals.

Having said that: YAY WE'RE IN THE FINALS!!!!!!

I'm off to stick my tongue out at all the haters!

Ms K said...

Oh and of course Barca will beat AC Milan. Is there any doubt?!

The Alpha Quadrant said...

Tricky decision for Henry though .. Henry will only excel in england and probably france..

kritik said...

yani arsenal has sympathisers??
anyway despite my reservations, i think they deserve to be in paris..............but thats as far as they will go, cos next season ,they are def. playing second tier european footie!!!
watakarangwa na barca!!! or even milan..
poor kids!

The Alpha Quadrant said...

sympathizers? - I think soccer observers not partisan supporters of other teams

nyagacheru said...

Yah Yah they are in finals .....
Barca vs Arsenal? what a game.

Mentacrobatics said...

Arsenal deserve to be in the final. It is the results that count. Gilberto is integral to the Brazilian side. He is practically the only non attacking midfielder they have. So he can play in the vital sweeper position they need. Kaka blows hot and cold. If you catch him when he is cold then you can rip him apart.
Forget about complaining about the number of games and the size of your squad. I mean we won the champions league last year with Djimi Traore in the side. hehehe.

If Arsenal play AC Milan, they will lose. If they play Barca, they will win.

You heard it here first!

Kenyangal said...

Yay Arsenal!! PS don't put any money on Mentalacrobatics' comments. His previous predictions almost bankcrupted me.

Farmgal said...

though they deserve to be in the final, their game was rubbish. I was on the edge of my seat through out. and to think they arent my team!
nway good on wenger!