Monday, April 10, 2006

The Knowledge Worker

I suspect this is a radical view, but anyway here goes:

I think the way we work, even in Kenya will be very different come 10 years. I personally hate an eight to five, with one hour break for lunch, especially knowing that my most unproductive hour is between 2-3 when my tummy is busy working its way through my lunch. The stomach during digestion has a lot of blood passing through it (according to the biology that I know) and the entire process takes up alot of energy.. hence that dozing that I experience after lunch.. (funny it doesn't happen after breakfast :) )

That aside... I also hate being tied to a post (also known as a job), it's like being zero grazed.. only that i can't grow fat ( ... my body metabolism doesn't allow that)..

I suspect I'm not alone in thinking like this.. The day I am in a position to change this scenario.. it will change... most definately no 8-1700 stuff, most of the time 8-9 pm is a good time for me to think and do some productive things.. For other people, 3 am works perfectly.. (don't ask me what they'd be doing at that time).

Back to the knowledge worker... A highly skilled individual who's his/her own employer on contract to several organisations at a time, and is always improving skill levels and acquiring new information and ways of doing things..
So that's what i think will be happened 5-10 years from now... or sooner even ( I hope).

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Anonymous said...

you couldnt have put it better. 8-5 sucks!!!

2-4 is my most unproductive hour!!! The bosses should read this ;-)