Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Communications in Kenya

There is alot of buzz concerning Internet..

The Undersea Cable and all the drama happening there

The licensing of a 'Unified' license operator to be done within 7 or so months

A second LLO, popotewireless launching services..

The list is rather long, but I think the way to go for Africa communication wise is 3G..
Sooner or later, the cost of deployment of a 3G network will fall as more and more vendors attempt to get a piece of the african cake..

Mobile phone operators have achieved much more penetration than expected, and thus are capable of delivering mobile internet to a much larger population.

However the cost of acquiring a 3G capable handset would keep out a considerable amount of users. So it's still an expensive proposition to increase internet penetration in Africa.

But I am eagerly waiting for 3G services in Kenya, which I suspect we shall see within the next 1-2 years.


The Alpha Quadrant said...

Mobile Internet is however suited for the rural areas - cost/benefit + usage.
Fixed Internet for Urban Areas where usage is heavier and better cost/benefit ratio.

Anonymous said...

Tanzania has done it! Internet on fixed wireless line with connection and all, at a total cost of Ksh. 5500 only. This is a Huawei ETS2288 wireless set fully connected. Compare with popote's tariffs and you will see my point...

.. and guess what internet is available and currently for free!

Popote is exobitant. What's up Kenya?