Wednesday, June 07, 2006

world cup crazy

interesting to watch people during the world cup season.. I thought Kenyans were the real soccer fans considering how loyal they are to their non-kenyan teams. However, they are way behind on the scale of soccer fanatics - England (and the rest of the UK) must be top of the list currently.

I wonder which African Team will go furthest:

Ivory Coast - Group C with Serbia & Montenegro, Holland, Argentina
Angola - Group D with Portugal, Iran, Mexico
Ghana - Group E with USA, Czech Republic, Italy
Togo - Group G with South Korea, France, Switzerland
Tunisia - Group H with Saudi Arabia, Ukraine, Spain

I suspect that the question should be which team will be eliminated last.

Which African team is bound to perform best in Germany?
Ivory Coast
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mama mia said...

I'd want to say Ivory Coast, but then they're in the same group with my fave team Holland, and since Argentina's probably going thru', Ivory Coast's success would mean Holland's elimination :(

Ms K said...

I said Ghana but that's prolly just because I'm half-Ghanaian.

Go Black Stars!!!!

Half 'n' half said...

I want to say Ghana, but they are n a completely tough group, the best chance is for Togo but they are such a whack team. So I will stick with Ghana and hope against hop